Mario's thoughts for the day

On Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte has taken on President Barack Obama, the Australian and US embassies, the UN, the Pope and last night, God.

He talks on his strong adherence to the Rule of Law, but in his very next sentence encourages the killing of people (which is against the law) to support his cause (he smiles and gloats about it too).

His fear based politics has won over millions, but the truth is Filipino lives will not improve unless well thought out frameworks are set up to properly deal with the main issues. You know, like poverty, unemployment, traffic and the economy.

His influence has made the streets visibly cleaner (as in less rubbish) and politicians and people in power wary of engaging in corruption, and that’s great but it has come at a great expense.

Duterte himself should always be in a position of power for as long as he is willing and able. Maybe as PNP Chief, Head of an Independent Commission against Corruption or even Head of Philippines Rubbish Removal. He could also be a movie star or comedian if he wanted to.

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